Egg Chair “You & Me”

Egg Chair “You & Me” NEW!

“You & Me” sends the best wishes to all lovers in the world. After every morning kiss, don’t forget to treat your love to a sunny breakfast with a boiled egg served in a pair of egg chairs that only belong to you and me. Hot in love, the red egg chair can’t help saying “I love you” every day while its beloved partner, in pure white, sweetly responds “me too” in a hot red tone.

Same as salt and pepper which always come in pair, two shakers, in the shape of a tumbler, are thoughtfully provided in a set. Both with a translucent body for you to see clearly what is inside, the one with a white-coloured base is for salt while the one with a black-coloured base is for pepper.

Product Code: SZ12 - KS - 11808 - AA
Product Dimensions: Egg Chair: Ø 2.2" x 2.8" / Ø 5.5cm x 7cm
Shaker: Ø 1.7" x 2.2" / Ø 4.3cm x 5.5cm
Available Colors: