Hello Kitty Cookie Set

Hello Kitty Cookie Set

"Treat your friends to a Hello Kitty tea break at home with cookies bearing her cute design. Included with the set is a cookie cutter, 2 cookie stamps, a raised rolling pin, a cookie lifter, a glass cookie jar and a recipe here to get you started.

Prepare the dough and roll out the pastry with the raised rolling pin. Slide the silicone ring on each end of the rolling pin and keep the rings in contact with the work surface so that the dough remains within the rings, can be kept in uniform thickness. Then use the cookie cutter to cut the pastry for the outline of “Hello Kitty” and lastly, complete her face with the stamp.

To extend the happiness of the gathering, we have a beautiful glass cookie jar for to store your delicious home-made Hello Kitty cookies."

Product Code: SZ13-KS-11866-AA
Product Dimensions: "Cookie Jar: 4.9"" x 9.9"" / 12.5cm x 25.2cm
Cookie Cutter: 3"" x 2.9"" x 0.6"" / 7.8cm x 7.5cm x 1.6cm
Cookie Lifter: 7.5"" x 1.8"" x 3.2"" / 19.1cm x 4.6cm x 8.1cm
Raised Rolling Pin: 2.2"" x 8.6"" / 5.6cm x 22cm
Cookie Stamp: 2.3"" x 2.2"" x 1.4"" / 5.8cm x 5.5cm x 3.5cm"
Available Colors: