Sillypop Jumbo

Sillypop Jumbo

"Missing the joys of childhood? Come and have a taste of lollipop made with this Sillypop Jumbo. Available in 6 colours, it is a product set of an ice mold and a stick which is pre-fixed in the mold.

With this Sillypop Jumbo deliberately made in a larger size safe for the kids, you can now share your sweet childhood memories with your kids by making ice lollipops in various flavours from a wide selection of fruit juice, yogurt or any other liquid-based ingredients you like.

The ball-shaped end of the stick helps secure the ice pop in place preventing the ice pop from slipping away from the stick. With a protective drip guard, the stick readily fixes itself to the mold by friction. To release the ice pop, simply stretch the mold and pull the frozen ice ball out with the stick."

Product Code: SZ12-KS-11739
Product Dimensions: 3" x 6.1" / 7.7cm x 15.4cm
Available Colors: