Tasty Curry Shaker

Tasty Curry Shaker NEW!

Curry Shaker

Addressing basically all the general needs in cooking, the Tasty series features 4 containers of different colors that represent various kinds of seasonings comprehensively satisfying different tastes of people.

As the name suggests, the Tasty Yellow is reserved for curry. Composed of an upper and a lower part, each container contains two kinds of seasonings.

Decorating your dining table and lighting up your spirit at your every meal, the Tasty series features a design originated from the old-styled table lamps of which the ever-attractive shapes of a cylinder, hemisphere and truncated pyramid are applied.

Product Code: SZ12-KS-11806-AA
Product Dimensions: Ø 2.4" x 4.1" / Ø 2.4cm x 10.5cm
Available Colors: