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10 Tips to Freshen Your House for Spring

The weather is finally warming up, and you’re ready to greet the season with a bright, fresh house. Here are ten ways to sweeten your home for spring.

.   Air it out. Did you know that furniture, carpets, and flooring can release small amounts of toxins, like formaldehyde, benzene, Trichloroethylene (TCE), and carbon monoxide? Opening the windows once in a while makes your home healthier.?

.   Wash the fabrics in your home. Launder your washable bedding & window treatments to eliminate dust and odors. Consider having carpets, rugs or upholstery cleaned if it’s been a while. Many pillows are washable as well.?

.   Thinking about having your ductwork cleaned? Experts are divided on whether this is necessary or not. Open up one of your ducts with a screwdriver and have a look inside. If it’s visibly polluted, you might want to get an estimate.

.   Use baking soda & vinegar. A fresh box of baking soda still works to absorb odors in the fridge, and you can sprinkle it into your garbage disposal as well. White vinegar will freshen up your coffeemaker and your dishwasher. Set a dish of vinegar on the top shelf and run the dishwasher empty.

.   Add fresh accents. Yellow and white are very cooling colors that will go with any color scheme. Could you add a sunny yellow pillow or throw to your couch? A bouquet of long-lasting white Gerber daisies to your entryway?

.   Replace filters. Remember to replace the filters in your air conditioner, air purifiers, vacuum cleaner. Check to see if your refrigerator needs a new filter for drinking water.

.   Add a plant. Ferns and palms add an airy, tropical feeling to spring spaces. Pots of flowering annuals on your front steps or porch give your home a warm, welcoming feeling. Petunias, begonias or impatiens will bloom until the frosts come back.?

.   Deep clean the kitchen. Odors and germs build up in the refrigerator coils, under the stove burners, behind appliances, and around the trash can.?

.   Clean the windows. Cleaning the windows can be like removing a gray cloud from over your home. Nothing makes the house sparkle like sunlight streaming in through clear windowpanes. If you don’t have windows that tilt in for cleaning,?

.   Make your own simmering potpourri. Simmer orange, grapefruit, lemon or lime peels with a little rosemary, cinnamon or basil on your stove to release a delicious, bright fragrance.

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