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10 Unique and Fabulous Gifts for Dads

Dads and other father figures in your life can be some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for. It may seem like your dad, grandfather, husband, or brother has everything or maybe he just doesn’t seem to want anything.

Here are 10 unusual gift ideas for all kinds of men. Your gift recipient will be sure to appreciate them.

Adventure Experience 

Is your dad an adrenaline junky? You can give him a gift certificate for all kinds of exhilarating experiences.  This may be driving a race car, jumping out of an airplane, bungee jumping, or whitewater rafting. Dads who love a thrill will be excited by this gift.

Framed Stadium Blueprints 

Does your dad have a favorite sports team? Get your dad a framed picture of blueprints from that stadium to hang on an office wall or other space where your dad will see it every day.

Moon Land 

Did you know that you can buy an acre of land on the moon? It’s true. Make your dad a moon landowner with a special certificate and the coordinates of his moon space. This is a perfect gift for the dad who really does have everything.

Trip Together 

Invite your dad on a special trip for just the two of you. Visit a local museum that will interest your dad or make plans to go fishing or camping. Make it something your dad loves to do. You will be giving him a great time and the chance to spend some time with you.

Bacon Soap

Chances are that your dad loves bacon. Buy your dad a bar of bacon-scented soap so he can enjoy the smell of bacon even in the shower.

Beer Brewing Kit 

Does your dad love beer? Has he always wanted to create his own? You can buy a small brewing kit that will allow your dad to create his very own beer. The directions make it simple. Your dad will love experimenting to find just the right brew and then sharing it with family and friends.

Rent a Boat 

Rent a boat or get tickets for a cruise, and send your dad out for a relaxing afternoon on the water. You could send him out alone with a special person, or you could get tickets for the whole family and enjoy the time together.

Jerky of the Month Club 

The name says it all. The dad who loves jerky will enjoy getting a new variety sent to him every month. He will get to try sweet and spicy types as well as exotic recipes like kangaroo or alligator.

Movie Night 

Grab your dad’s favorite movie, and plan to spend an evening together watching it. You could even do a movie marathon. Make some creative popcorn by adding spices, candy, or other additions.

Wood Smoke Grilling Blocks 

The dad who enjoys grilling will love having special grilling blocks that add a smoky flavor to the meat. You can get these in several different types of wood, and they will add fantastic scent and flavor to your dad’s grilled creations.

You can find a perfect gift for your father. It just takes a little imagination and knowledge about what your dad loves. These 10 ideas should give you inspiration for finding a unique and memorable gift for your dad.

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