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3 Awesome DIY Projects for a Rainy Day

diy projects for rainy day

Let’s be realistic–there’s only so much binge-watching one person can take. Either you run out of interesting shows, or you just get tired of sitting on the couch all day. Next time you are looking for something a bit less mind-numbing to do on a rainy day, try one of these awesome DIY projects.

1. Candles and Wax Melts

Candles are an excellent addition to any home decor. The gentle glow of a candle and a pleasing scent combine to create a relaxing atmosphere. It’s fairly simple to make your own candles at home, and it’s lots of fun to customize them with your favorite scents and colors. In addition to scents and colors, you can choose pretty containers for your candles. Choose glass jam jars and decorate them with twine and a cute brown paper tag for a rustic look. Pour your candles into your favorite silicone molds for unique shapes like elephants and hearts.

2. Diamond Painting

We just have to warn you–this project is not for the short-tempered! Diamond paintings are absolutely beautiful, but they require a steady hand and a lot of patience. This craft may be time-consuming, but it’s very simple to learn and the perfect art project for any age. Diamond paintings are created with hundreds of tiny “diamonds” (sparkly resin stones) placed on a sticky canvas. The canvas is marked with colors and numbers to guide the painter along the way, and the result is a bright, shimmering work of art with incredible dimension and texture.

3. Tie-Dyeing

You do not have to be a 4th grader at summer camp to enjoy tie-dyeing. This project never loses its appeal, no matter how old we get. Tie-dyeing is fascinating because each craft is unique–even if you dye two shirts with the same color and technique, your results will be slightly different. Shirts can be dyed using a variety of techniques, including shibori, sunburst, crumple, and spiral. Have enough tie-dyed tees? Spruce up your apartment with a different tie-dye project, including pillows, throw rugs, or curtains.

Next time you wake up to a gloomy, wet day, avoid the couch and embrace your creative side with one of these fun projects. Your finished crafts will add beauty and personality to your home and they also make great gifts for family and friends. 

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