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5 Surprising Ways to Delight Your Valentine this February

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to give some thought to how you will enchant your loved one on February 14th. Say goodbye to price-hiked dinners in expensive restaurants and an uninspired bunch of red roses. The most romantic gifts are the thoughtful ones that show you really care. So, what are some imaginative ways you can delight your special someone on the day of love?

1. Winter Picnic in the Woods:

Celebrate your love for each other (and extending daylight hours) by taking them for a romantic picnic in the woods. Sure, it may be cold out, but if the rain and snow stay away, it is the perfect opportunity to get close by snuggling up outdoors. Remember to wear warm clothes, bring a rug (or two) and a flask of great coffee or piping hot chocolate. Forgo usual picnic fare of sandwiches and subs in favor of indulgent treats like prosciutto and asparagus quiche, an artisan cheeseboard and strawberries and cream. Top it all off with a champagne toast enjoyed in crystal flutes.

2. Photoshoot:

Why not treat yourself and your loved one to a day of delight that ends with a keepsake of your devotion? Many photographic studios offer a makeover and photoshoot service where you can enjoy some pampering and polishing, so you both look your very best, before being photographed by a professional. Your favorite images will grace your walls or mantlepiece as an eternal reminder of your romance.

3. Bake a Cake and Get it Delivered:

Nothing says “I love you” like showcasing it in public. This is the reason why florists are so busy dropping off bunches and bouquets into offices around any town or city at this time of year. Showing off how cherished you are in front of colleagues and friends will cause any partner to feel a pang of delight. To make your declaration of devotion even more unique, replace roses with a decadent homemade cake that he or she can share with office pals. Don’t forget to frost a special message of love on top!

4. Write a Poem:

If you are the creative type, why not muse over your relationship and pen a poem that explores the story of how you met and fell in love. Amplify the message by posting it to the door in a scented envelope filled with dried rose petals.

5. Movie Night In:

Lock the door, turn off the lights, light the candles and settle under a blanket on the sofa for a romantic movie night in. Queue up your list of romantic favorites to get in the mood for love. Go for the classics like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind, or opt for more modern stories, such as Mamma Mia and The Notebook. To top it off, you’ll just need a box of fine assorted chocolates, a tub of your favorite ice cream and two spoons.

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