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About Us

A Pioneer in Silicone Products

Back in 1999, when kitchens were still in the age of the “clatter crash clack” of metal utensils, SiliconeZone introduced the first avant-garde silicone kitchenware into the market. Highlighting its flexible qualities, non-stick properties, and ease in cleaning, the response from around the world was phenomenal. For more than a decade, SiliconeZone ingenuity has, quite literally, synthesized a new kitchenware category.

Today, SiliconeZone continues to work towards great design and innovation with new products specifically designed to meet today’s active and health conscious consumer.  With increased consumer awareness of the properties of silicone as a safe material for use in food preparation and storage, SiliconeZone has developed numerous award-winning, ergonomic and functional products in Bar & Beverage, Cooking & Baking, and Kitchen Tools & Gadgets.   

SiliconeZone has been recognized in numerous international design competitions, including Good Design (USA), Red Dot Design (Germany), iF Product Design (Germany).  Collectively SiliconeZone has won over 30 awards, and has received numerous accolades from the media.  The SiliconeZone maxim, “Life is Art” defines the motivation behind each product created. Beauty and function are the core principles that drive product development and performance.