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Reasons To Start Walking More

Most people are aware that they should include regular cardiovascular exercise as part of their workout routine if they want to enjoy good overall health. Aerobic exercise helps with weight control as well as improving bone strength and heart health. However, most people think of running or cycling rather than walking when it comes to exercising the cardiovascular system. So, why is a brisk walk a brilliant choice of aerobic exercise? 

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Natural Sunburn Relief

Ah, summer! Sandy beaches, sunbathing, picnics . . . and sunburns. With all the time that we spend outdoors during the hot months, the probability of getting at least slightly sunburned once or twice is pretty high. Children are particularly at risk since they often squirm around too much to be sure that their sunblock has been evenly applied.

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10 Unique and Fabulous Gifts for Dads

Dads and other father figures in your life can be some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for. It may seem like your dad, grandfather, husband, or brother has everything or maybe he just doesn’t seem to want anything.

Here are 10 unusual gift ideas for all kinds of men. Your gift recipient will be sure to appreciate them.

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