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Trennel Inc Brands

Trennel’s origins began with a commitment to high-quality innovative products driven by a passion for a unique approach to design and functionality. Over the next 20 years, they went on to develop innovative products that excelled in both form and function. Establishing them as a premier silicone product development company with over 100 patents to their credit.

In 2000, Trennel introduced SiliconeZone® at a time when kitchens were still in the age of the “clatter crash clack” of metal utensils. The response from around the world was phenomenal and SiliconeZone ingenuity, quite literally, synthesized a new kitchenware category.


SiliconeZone was the first avant-garde silicone kitchenware into the market. Highlighting its flexible qualities, non-stick properties, and ease in cleaning. 

Today, SiliconeZone has developed numerous award-winning, ergonomic and functional products in Silicone Molds, Cooking & Baking, and Kitchen Tools & Gadgets. Learn more about some of our other offerings by clicking the button below!


Redbit® products are uniquely designed to meet the demanding performance and recovery needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and people with active lifestyles.

Unlike all other products on the market, Redbit products are designed with our patented Touri-on Technology which enhances athletic and fitness performance while *helping muscles rebound quicker so you can perform better and longer. Built by expert hands with decades of experience, Redbit can empower you to reach your highest levels of performance.


In March of 2020, Trennel joined the fight against the Global Covid-19 Pandemic. Under the Bonas name, we converted a portion of our manufacturing capabilities to mass produce Personal Protective Gear (PPE) to alleviate any shortages that may arise during times of high demand and provide the general public with high quality PPE that helps them feel protected and comfortable.