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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about SiliconeZone products with answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below!

Silicone is a synthetic material derived from the natural element Silicon (#14 on the Periodic Table).  Silicone is formed into a flexible rubberlike material that does not contain toxins harmful to humans, has non-stick properties, and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Yes!  Our silicone has been approved by the FDA and contains no toxins or fillers harmful to humans.  Silicone’s highly stable chemical structure means that it transfers heat very slowly, thus making it excellent at heat resistance.

Silicone’s highly stable chemical structure means that it can withstand temperatures up to 450°F.  This means that silicone can be used in both the microwave and oven, where most plastics can only be used in the microwave for short periods of time.  Silicone’s durability makes it a more versatile material than plastic.

(1) Avoid direct contact with an open flame; (2) Avoid using sharp instruments on or near the product; (3) Avoid using an abrasive sponge when cleaning.

Silicone kitchenware does require a small period of time to “break” in.  We recommend that before your first few uses of our bakeware that you thoroughly rinse the item with hot water and then apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the point of the contact with the food.

Simply put, the odors that you are experiencing are actually left over molecules that are clinging to the surface of your silicone kitchenware.  Typically at high heat these odors will evaporate and not affect your next session; however, you may also let your silicone kitchenware soak in hot water with a few drops of lemon juice after using it.  Afterwards, rinse and let air dry.

To keep the shape of your silicone bakeware, you must always ensure that there is food material inside the mold at all times when baking.  Also, ensure that your oven is not overheated, as 450°F is the maximum temperature for our products.  You can place silicone bakeware directly on the  oven rack; however, placing items on a cookie sheet can lead to increased stability, due to the flat surface.

Back in 1999, SiliconeZone introduced the first avant-garde silicone kitchenware into the market. Highlighting its flexible qualities, non-stick properties, and ease in cleaning, the response from around the world was phenomenal. For two decades, SiliconeZone ingenuity has, quite literally, created a new kitchenware category.

Today, SiliconeZone continues to work towards great design and innovation with new products specifically designed to meet today’s active and health conscious consumer. With increased consumer awareness of the properties of silicone as a safe material for use in food preparation and storage, SiliconeZone has developed numerous award-winning, ergonomic and functional products in Baking Molds, and Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Collectively SiliconeZone has won over 30 awards including a Red Dot Design Award and has received numerous accolades from the media. The SiliconeZone maxim, “Life is Art” defines the motivation behind each product created. Beauty and function are the core principles that drive product development and performance.

Are you a company looking to order custom silicone molds? Do you have a suggestion for a new mold design we should create? We can provide custom molds to companies providing they meet minimum quantities requirements for production. Contact us for more information!

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