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Holiday Entertaining

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Still don’t know how to throw the perfect holiday party? We’ve got you covered! Consider these great ideas for your centerpiece, desserts, and drink stations!


When it comes to the table, some of the most important pieces are the centerpieces. If you’re looking to decorate with flowers you can go traditional with Poinsettias, Paperwhites, or Amaryllis. Make them really pop by putting ornaments in the vase or adding ribbon. If you want a more modern feel with flowers, try Phalaenopsis Orchids or Tulips. For the orchids you can add crystals and candles and for tulips try mixing reds and white, or submerge the tulips in water and float a candle on top.

For after dinner many guests look forward to dessert, whether that means a cordial bar, coffee and hot chocolate or endless cupcakes and pies there are many ways to make this part of the evening even more special.

Bar Station

For bar carts if you’re looking to keep it simple you can start with a small Christmas tree and hang a stocking off the side.  If you’re looking to go a little more over the top, get some snow fluff from a craft store and create a Christmas scene. Place the fluff on the tray and add mini trees and garland, you can even buy coozies that resemble a hat and scarf. If your bar cart has two levels you might consider small presents on the lower level.

Hot Beverage Station

For a coffee and hot chocolate station, take over a counter, small table or even a bar cart so you can set up shop. For the ideal station you will need: hot chocolate powder, fresh coffee, hot water, hot milk (if guests prefer over water), creamer and milk, marshmallows of various sizes, peppermint spoons, and any other fun items you love! Some stations include fudge, caramel, and mini candies!

Dessert Bar

For a dessert bar, you can either place your items out and decorate with wreaths, trees, garlands or lights, or you can have a “make your own” station. For this it is all about your preference. Gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies are a go to. You can lay out blank cookies and leave out mini candies and icing for decorating. You can do the same idea with decorating your own cupcakes, or even having out a fondue station.

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