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Lollipop Day! 

Lollipop Day! 

Did you know? July 20th is Lollipop Day! Lollipops were first made in 1908, in Connecticut, U.S.A by George Smith. He had named it after a horse he fancied – Lolly Pop. The world’s largest lollipop was as tall as a Giraffe(15 feet tall) and about the weight of 23 full grown tigers.


1 3/4 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup water

3/4 cup light corn syrup


Food Coloring


In a medium sized pot over medium heat, combine ingredients and stir until sugar has dissolved.

Increase temperature to med-high/high and insert a candy thermometer.  Continue to stir candy mixture until the temperature reaches 300F-310F.  Remove thermometer mixture and remove pot from heat.

Pour in a small amount of flavoring and coloring if desired.

Pour hot candy mixture into silicone molds.  Insert lollipop sticks and hold in place until set.

To remove the lollipops from the silicone mold, press upwards from the bottom outside of the mold and the lollipop should come right out.

Store in a sealed container and enjoy! 

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