The Double-Sided, Stick-Anything, Must Have

SiliconeZone presents Siconi “The Double-Sided, Stick-Anything, Must Have” For Your Home and Office

SiliconeZone International, the premier innovative global manufacturer of silicone kitchen products, introduces Siconi, a fun and safe alternative to tapes, pins and glue. Siconi offers a wide variety of products to choose from and dozens of designs to match your personality. Each product provides a hassle-free way to decorate any room as it won’t damage walls, favorite pictures, or posters. Made of soft, high-grade silicone, eco-friendly, BPA free and non-toxic Siconi is perfect for kids’ rooms.

“Siconi is fun for people of all ages!” said Ken Yeung, President and CEO of SiliconeZone International. “Our goal is to continue to be creative and evolutionary in our product design and manufacturing, to deliver better living to every modern home.”
Siconi can be used at home, school and in the office; it’s non-slip surface even makes it great for use in the car. All Siconi products can be cleaned using mild soap and water, let dry and use again and again. See for yourself, how these silicone products are necessary for your safety and comfort in everyday situation.

Siconi double sided sticky-sticks come in all shapes and sizes! Choose from the Siconi Picture Frame, Tablet, Whiteboard, Cable Fixer, and Decor Series featuring dots, bars, squares and animals.

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