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Ideas for Happy, Healthy, Easter Baskets

For many families, Easter can spell a dietary disaster. Easter baskets, in particular, can pose a serious threat to healthy eating habits. Many of the most popular treats, from jelly beans to peeps to chocolate eggs and bunnies, are full of sugar. After weeks of denial, these sweet treats can tempt even the healthiest eaters, young and old, sometimes to disastrous effect.

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Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Fun Night at Home

Are you looking to enjoy a romantic night with your significant other, but tired of overpriced delivery and don’t want to risk going out? If this is you, then perhaps staying home and having a quiet night in is the way to go. It’s less stressful, less expensive, and the options are truly endless. Read on to get some ideas for how to make your next Valentine’s Day the best one yet!

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Life After Quarantine

It can be hard to adapt to a situation you have not been put in before. Once the year 2020 brought yet another disaster in the form of a pandemic, people all around the world had to settle into their homes and quarantine indefinitely.
But as difficult as it has been to do that, many countries and states seem to be close to going back to “normal” after months of isolation. Many restrictions are being lifted globally, and while that does not mean that the threat of the coronavirus is gone, it does mean that the end of quarantine is in sight. Yet for some people, socializing and going about their day again like this pandemic has been nothing but a phase, is a hard task.
What happened over the course of the past months was not a small thing, and recovering from the toll quarantine took on people’s mental health is something that is not talked about enough. But as with anything, it is important to ease into things instead of diving in headfirst. So in order to be prepared to reenter society, there are some small and healthy steps you can take towards readying yourself.
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What is Raw Honey?

The word ‘raw’ defines preserved vitamins, enzymes, and minerals in a certain type of food. Just as we all know raw vegetables are healthier than the processed ones, the same goes for the magnificent sweetness called honey. Raw honey hasn’t been pasteurized, heat-treated, or processed in any way. Its full complement of antioxidants and enzymes is preserved, as well as its’ antibacterial properties.

When we talk about raw honey, we talk about the oldest sweetener humankind uses since forever. This delicious, sticky piece of nature’s own work of art is free from pesticides, chemicals, and unwanted artificial ingredients.

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A Guide for Growing Strawberries

If you would like to grow strawberries, all you need is a home garden and a few supplies. Strawberries of the day neutral type generate fruit throughout the year, with an especially bountiful growing season between April and October. You can also grow the short-day variety for a strong fall to early spring growing period. This flower will produce fruit within three months after planting.

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3 Great Spring Vegetables for a Healthy Diet

Sticking to vegetables which are in season is much better than buying imported vegetables for a number of reasons. Locally sourced produce tends to be of a higher quality which in turn can contribute to a healthier diet. It is also better for the environment and for your wallet. Spring is a great time of year to enjoy a whole range of fresh vegetables which can be grown in most temperate regions. Rather than spending extra money to buy lower-quality vegetables which have travelled half way across the world, why not consider including the following excellent vegetables in your diet this spring?

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5 Surprising Ways to Delight Your Valentine this February

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to give some thought to how you will enchant your loved one on February 14th. Say goodbye to price-hiked dinners in expensive restaurants and an uninspired bunch of red roses. The most romantic gifts are the thoughtful ones that show you really care. So, what are some imaginative ways you can delight your special someone on the day of love?

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