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Pagoda Steamer Recipe

Prepare seafood, vegetables, and other savory dumplings the oil-free way in this revolutionary steamer. Suitably designed to fit standard cooking pots as a lone piece or stacked one over the other.

The steamer set fits over most saucepans, offers two stackable steamer baskets with lid, and is made of premium, FDA approved, BPA-free non-stick silicone. It is manufactured to withstand temperatures from 50 C/125 F to 250 C/475 F, providing even heat while remaining odor-free.  

“The Ripple Pagoda is a steamers dream!” said Ken Yeung, President and CEO of SiliconeZone International. “Whether you are preparing vegetables, fish or dim sum, the silicone steamer’s tight seal is designed to trap extreme high heat, allowing for the food to be cooked faster.  

The steamer is easy to clean, can be filled with any ingredient, stores perfectly in the freezer, and can be used in the microwave to reheat or defrost food.

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