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Reasons To Start Walking More

Most people are aware that they should include regular cardiovascular exercise as part of their workout routine if they want to enjoy good overall health. Aerobic exercise helps with weight control as well as improving bone strength and heart health. However, most people think of running or cycling rather than walking when it comes to exercising the cardiovascular system. So, why is a brisk walk a brilliant choice of aerobic exercise? 

Weight Loss 

There is no doubt that running burns more calories than walking. However, you can still burn the same number of calories from walking if you increase the overall distance. Thus, you can lose just as much weight via walking as you can running.  Furthermore, it is easier to walk quickly than it is to jog. This means walking as a form of exercise is easier to enjoy, and therefore keep up. Consider that it only takes around thirty days for any form of exercise to become a habitual part of your lifestyle. 

Mental Health 

When you walk, you can choose any location you like. This allows you to take walks out in nature or at your local park. Walking around in natural settings you love where you can see flowers and hear birdsongs can boost your mental health. It can make you feel reconnected to the Earth, especially if you do a walking meditation.  

You can also walk with friends or loved ones and spend time communicating with them authentically rather than via social media. Research shows that staying home and using social media contributes to depression and anxiety. Real, meaningful face-to-face communication with people you care about whilst doing an outdoor activity you both enjoy is an excellent idea. Walking and talking with someone close to you can do a lot to make you feel mentally well-balanced. 

Alternatively, if you need a break from other humans and some time to yourself, a solitary walk is a good way of ensuring you get some privacy and some exercise simultaneously. Walking alone and clearing your mind can help to ease anxiety symptoms and make you feel calm again. 

Easier on Your Body 

Going for a run is a quick way to get in shape, but it can be hard on your body. This is especially true if your fitness is a little below par. It is also inadvisable to start jogging after the age of forty.  Running can cause severe injuries such as shin splints and stress fractures. This happens because people overuse certain muscles and joints. Research also shows that long-distance running puts people at higher risk of cardiac arrest. You can avoid all of these potential complications if you go for a brisk walk as opposed to running.  

You Will Sleep Better 

If you go for a long, brisk walk and get some fresh air into your lungs, you will be surprised by how well you sleep that same night. A long walk can help you burn off a lot of extra energy and eliminate stress. You may go to bed feeling tired and ready for healthy rest rather than frazzled and exhausted. Regular cardiovascular exercise is an important part of good sleep hygiene. Walking outdoors is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise.  

You Can Meet New Friends 

Plenty of people go out walking regularly, either with others or alone. You will, at some point, run into others on your walks. You may even forge new friendships with some of them. This is particularly likely if you are one of those people who regularly take an identical route at the same time of day. Walking, then, is a good way of getting to know the people in your community. Hence, walking is a very good choice of exercise for anybody who feels lonely, which everybody does at some stage in life.   

Don’t Mind the Weather 

Some people are unenthusiastic about walking as a form of exercise because of inclement weather. You can walk during any kind of weather or temperature if you purchase the right outdoor clothing. For example, warm, waterproof clothing and shoes are readily available for purchase online, and in many bricks and mortar stores. Always compare and contrast prices and delivery charges to ensure you get the best value for money while shopping for these items.  

Give It A Go 

The best way to test the truth of this article is to get out for a walk at the nearest opportunity. Walk as quickly as you can manage, for as long as you are comfortable. You can then build up your endurance over time. It is a form of exercise that is almost guaranteed to make you feel excellent, both physically and mentally. 

*Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription.

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