White Board Set


The Sticky White Board is a convenient and Practical tool which does not lose adhesiveness even on being stuck and removed from a wide variety of surfaces countless times. You can use it to draw pie charts bar graphs and hold brainstorming sessions.doc-stickywhiteboard-slide5 doc-stickywhiteboard-slide4 doc-stickywhiteboard-slide3 doc-stickywhiteboard-slide1 doc-stickywhiteboard arton8

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  • Odour free

    Smells good and does not emit any bad odour.

  • Leaves no residue

    The product can be removed from any surface without leaving any residue.

  • Non-toxic

    Will not pollute the environment.

  • Recycle

    These products can be recycled.


42cm x 29.7cm

Product Code

SZ11 – KS 11469 – AA





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