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What is Raw Honey?

The word ‘raw’ defines preserved vitamins, enzymes, and minerals in a certain type of food. Just as we all know raw vegetables are healthier than the processed ones, the same goes for the magnificent sweetness called honey. Raw honey hasn’t been pasteurized, heat-treated, or processed in any way. Its full complement of antioxidants and enzymes is preserved, as well as its’ antibacterial properties.

When we talk about raw honey, we talk about the oldest sweetener humankind uses since forever. This delicious, sticky piece of nature’s own work of art is free from pesticides, chemicals, and unwanted artificial ingredients.

Most people believe that just because something is called ‘honey’, it automatically means it’s healthy to use. This isn’t exactly true. As a matter of fact, most of the honey found on the market today has been heavily processed. Honey, just like other foods, if it has been chemically refined, loses many of its natural given benefits, and in many cases, you just end up eating something that looks like honey but is as healthy as plain old white sugar.

The truth is commercial honey goes through an excessive heating process that actually destroys a great deal of the crucial natural enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. As if that wasn’t enough, processing honey also reduces or completely eliminates many phytonutrients originally found in raw honey. These hive products cannot be found in processed or refined honey, they exist in nature and processing filters them away.

Which are those? Let’s mention some of the most important ones:

– Pollen, in all its protein and enzyme richness, gets collected by bees and they carry it around in miniature baskets placed on their back legs as they fly from plant to plant.

– Propolis – the sticky substance is incredibly rich in enzymes that get formed when the bees combine their own proteins with the plant resins they collect.

Besides natural antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, this nature-given pure gold pleasure also contains iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, chromium, selenium, and manganese. Raw honey also contains nutraceuticals, which are important nutrients that assist in neutralizing the unwanted free radicals from your body.

A wonderful amount of healthy, natural antioxidants can be found in raw honey, and while we’re at free radicals and their nasty activity in our bodies, let’s not forget to mention that nothing busts them as good as antioxidants do. Honey contains many of them, including flavonoids (which also boost your energy), in fact, one of them called pinocembrin is believed to be unique to honey. Pinostrobin helps supporting enzyme activity, and organic acids give the honey a slightly acidic PH which further long improves your overall well-being. The amino acids honey contains are nature’s own genius protein block-builders.

Selenium is a vital trace mineral, and it is absolutely necessary for your immune system. This is a mineral antioxidant that can be found in the tissues of a man’s body, and it also assists in obtaining a great balance of cardio-protective benefits. If the honey is unprocessed, you will be pleased with the amount of selenium it contains, and all the goodies it does to your body.

Raw honey gets collected and bottled straight away, with no heating or processing involved. This way you can be sure you’re given the finest quality, fully organic product that needs no refrigeration, and most importantly, brings amazing benefits to your health. Choose your honey wisely. Remember, nature made it perfect.

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